4 Free WordPress Plugins For Every Blog Post

Great content is the bread and butter of every blog.

It feeds an audience and keeps them coming back from more. Exceptional content will also fuel back links to your blog, which tell Google that you're website is important.

Here are three plugins that I apply to my blog posts to make that content look/function better and get shared more often:

Wordpress plugins for blog posting

1. Olevmedia Shortcuts

Olevmedia Shortcuts gives you access to a variety of short codes that can be used in just about every blog post. You can create an infobox to designate a paragraph as important information to your readers:

This infobox draws attention to the text within the box. It also gives your blog post a more professional look and breaks up what would normally be a series of boring text.



Another cool function is the accordion, it organizes related information into categories that can be expanded or collapsed at the click of a mouse. It's a great way to take a large chunk of information and break it up into easily digestible pieces.It's also a great way to condense information for mobile viewers so that they don't find themselves scrolling endlessly down a page:

Item 1 Title

Content for item 1

Item 2 Title

Content for item 2

Item 3 Title

Content for item 3



The box function also comes in handy a lot, I end up throwing it into posts and pages all the time.It's similar to the infobox in that it makes content within the box standout. It just looks a little cleaner and even more professional:

Make sure to read this content before you move forward. You must apply this information later.



Those are the three features that I use the most often. There are more than 15 others that you can mess around with and likely get some value out of. Other short codes from Olevmedia that I've used include the buttons, lists, columns, map and the pricing table.

Oh yea, did you notice the dividers between each of the three features above? There's also a short code for that!

2. Better Click to Tweet

Better Click to Tweet is an awesome way to engage users with your content. Essentially, you take a tweetable quote from your content and use the Better Click to Tweet short code to put that quote in your post in tweet form.

social sharing plugins twitter

Embedded content has significantly higher click through rate than other links. This methodology applies to affiliate links as well. Direct links within a peice of useful content always convert better than ads on a sidebar.

Social media sharing plugins have come a long way over the past few years. You used to put sharing buttons at the bottom of a post. A few plugins then made it possible to put sharing buttons on the side of a post, where a visitors eyeballs are more likely to land sooner.

Lately, I've moved over to floating social share icons, which move with the screen as you scroll. You'll see that they're on this post and every other post. It's the closest thing to embedded sharing, until Better Click to Tweet that is.

With Better Click to Tweet, the social sharing icon becomes one with the content. Click To Tweet

Not only does this direct a user to the most tweetable content, but it removes a difficult step from the tweeting process - writing the tweet. It sounds ridiculous, but people like to be told what to do and they like doing it effortlessly.


3. Site Origin Page Builder

The structure of a blog post is very important. A post needs to be laid out in a manner that is logical and easy for a visitor to scan and quickly pick up information from.

I use the Page Builder plugin from Site Origin to map out a blog post before I write a word. I have a few simple structures that work well for me and I use those/variations of those repeatedly.

Here's an example of the Page Builder layout for this page:


PageBuilder plugin


The page is broken down into columns and rows, within those areas you can add a variety of widgets. The reason why I like Page Builder so much is because it forces you to plan out a blog post before you write it.

Anytime you add that extra layer of preparation before writing a post you will get a noticeably better end result.

4. Slideshow


Visually appealing content is a great way to capture a reader's attention.

It also builds trust. If your website appears attractive and professional, odds are it is.

Here's a slideshow I made about hoverboard affiliate programs:



The slideshow plugin is a great way to improve your visuals game. An automated slideshow replaces the ordinary images with an engaging collection of images that visitors are inclined to click through.

Why is the click so important?

If you can encourage readers to start clicking around on a slideshow you overcome a psychological barrier that is holding them back from clicking on a website they've just visited for the first time. Once they've become comfortable clicking through images they are significantly more likely to click on converting links such as blog subscriptions and affiliate links.

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