How to Choose a Niche | The First Step in Your Journey

how to choose a blogging niche


Choosing a niche is the very first step in your online journey. There's one key point to consider before you go any further, do I love this niche?

I've started blogs in a bunch of different niches. The one's that I stuck with were the ones that I love writing about.

There are definitely other things to consider when figuring out your niche, here are a few that we'll take a look at:

  • Are you passionate about the niche?
  • Are other people passionate about the niche?
  • Can you monetize the niche? 


Are you Passionate About Your Niche?

What niche should I choose


This is the most important decision to make when you choose a niche. Your goal is to become an expert in this niche. It should be something that you're genuinely interested in.

Would you want to have your car fixed by someone who doesn't like cars? Obviously not.

The same goes for your website's audience. If it's clear that you love the niche you're writing about, visitors are going to spend more time there and interact with the content you've provided.


Are Other People Passionate About Your Niche?

You can the ultimate guide to No. 2 pencils, but if no one else cares about No. 2 pencils you're not going to gain much momentum. You want to make sure your niche has a healthy audience.

Start by doing some keyword research. Take your main keyword "No. 2 pencils" and plug it into Google Trends.

You'll then want to look at the exact number of monthly searches returned for your keywords. I use SERPS for this. Let's take a look at the monthly searches for "No. 2 pencils":


Keyword research for niche


A monthly search volume of 140 is not good. Unfortunately, people aren't as passionate about you're niche as you'd like them to be. It's time to start looking at other niches. Let's assume another passion of yours is hoverboards (it happens to be one of mine).

I've gone through this full process in the hoverboard niche, so I'll share my findings as a case study.


How to use keyword research for niche


The "hoverboard" niche looks more promising - 1.5 million monthly searches is very healthy. Other people are clearly interested in hoverboards. There's a ton of potential here.


Can you Monetize Your Niche?


how to find a niche for a blog


One of the best parts about starting a blog or any kind of website is making money doing what you love. There are a few steps you can take to make sure that your niche can be monetized. You'll want to look for a few indicators that there is money to be made:

  • Healthy search volume
  • High Cost Per Click (people are bidding on paid search)
  • Affiliate Programs

We've already taken a look at search volume for our hoverboard niche. There are a ton of people searching for hoverboards each month. Any time you have eyeballs on your website they can be monetized.


The correlation between traffic and profit is not always huge. Some niches monetize far better than others.


One way to monetize traffic is Google AdSense. Clicks through the ads that you supply on your blog will provide a stream of revenue.

The more views you get the more money you can make. But it's not likely going to fund your retirement. Of all the ways to monetize traffic - AdSense will likely provide the lowest return per visitor.

Use Google Keyword Planner to find the suggested bid for your keywords. The more people are willing to pay for ads on these keywords, the more profitable they are.


Another indicator we'll look at is affiliate programs. Affiliate programs pay you a commission every time you refer a sale to that program. They're one of the most lucrative ways to monetize your audience. If there are high paying affiliate programs in your niche of choice, it's likely profitable.

I've already done the research on hoverboard affiliate programs, they're listed in our affiliate program directory. Here are the programs in the hoverboard niche:

  • Amazon affiliate program
  • Swagtron affiliate program
  • HaloBoard affiliate program
  • StreetSaw affiilate program
  • Skque affiliate program

This is a healthy list of affiliate programs that pay out a solid commission on hoverboards. The item is high priced, it appears that a blog in this niche can be monetized.


Now that you've chosen a niche, you're ready to move on! It's time to pick your domain name!



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