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The daily fantasy sports industry, having emerged from the fantasy football craze, has really blown up over the past few years. The most popular DFS site, FanDuel, was launched in early 2009. The other big player in the industry is DraftKings, they got in to business in 2012. A catchy style of one day fantasy competition and an aggressive TV advertising campaign catapulted this industry to the level achieved by internet gambling sites a few years back. DFS affiliate programs qualify for a few important ranking categories (as explained in My Strategy for Selecting an Affiliate Program):

  1. Up and coming industry: The industry really started taking off about 5 years back. There are a lot of huge investors backing these companies. Growth and expansions is expected to continue.
  2. Recurring commissions: DFS sites employ a recurring commissions structure. When a new player registers through your link you take a commission on all net revenue generated by that player going forward.
  3. High Volume: The keywords "DraftKings promo code" and "FanDuel promo code" currently average a combined 10,000 searches each month. The total search for DFS promotions is estimated to be in the 10's of thousands each month. 


DraftKings is one of the biggest players in the DFS industry. They recently expanded to the United Kingdom and announced future plans to expand into Asia and Latin America in 2016. DraftKings affiliates can choose from an array of promotions to market to potential new players. Show Review

The most popular current promotion is free entry to your first contest. Highlights of the DraftKings affiliate program include:

  • 40% commission on a player's net revenue generated for 30 days after referral
  • 25% commission on a player's net revenue generated after the first 30 days
  • Personalized promotion codes

* Commission on revenue share ends 2 years after a players initial deposit. Referral commissions are capped at $1000 per player per month.



FanDuel has been in the daily fantasy sports industry for a long time. They command a large slice of the market and offer affiliates large commissions. Their commission structure is based on the net revenue generated each month by your referrals: Show Review

  • 25% commission for $0 - 2,000
  • 30% commission for $2,001 - $5,000
  • 35% commission for anything above $5,000

* Terms of service dictate no use of coupon sites to drive referral traffic. If you plan to build an affiliate website that incorporates FanDuel affiliate program, do not produce thin content. This train of thought should be applied to all affiliate endeavors, but it is especially key here.


NumberFire is a great compliment to Daily Fantasy Sports programs.  They offer advanced data and statistics to DFS players looking to optimize their lineups and gain an advantage over their competition. If you are already advertising for the DraftKings or FanDuel affiliate programs it makes sense to direct some of that audience towards NumberFire. Show Review

The affiliate program has some great perks:

  • $.25 for every free tools registration you refer
  • $10 for every premium subscription you refer
  • Potential to negotiate referral commissions when substantial revenue is generated
  • Affilate tracking through the HasOffers platform

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Have you used any of these affiliate programs? Feel free to leave a review of your experience below. If you'd like to suggest another affiliate program that fits this category, or have anything to add to the above information, please do so in the comments section.

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