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Hoverboards (also called self-balancing scooters) exploded onto the market in the past year or two. A few celebrities posted pics riding a hoverboard and the craze began.

Ever since the 1985 film Back to the Future the concept of a hoverboard has captured our imaginations. Current versions of hoverbaords are only a rigid prototype of what's to come, demand will increase as the technology evolves.

Swagtron Affiliate Program
Swagtron Affiliate Program
Adventures begin with your feet.
    • 2.5% commission on products sold
    • Coupons available for most popular hoverboards
    • Effective in house tracking software

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    Haloboard Affiliate Program

    HaloBoard affiliate program

    Creativity is the centerpiece of every dream
    • 8% commission on products
    • 3 day tracking cookie
    • Refersion tracking software + conversion updates by email

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    StreetSaw Affiliate Program

    StreetSaw affiliate program

    StreetSaw now sells over 50 varieties of hoverboards, and carries customized hoverboard accessories as well.

    • 10% commission on sales
    • Bonuses for high performing affiliates
    • Tracking software through Affiliatly

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    Skque Affililate Program

    Skque Affiliate Program

    Skque Products has been delivering results since we opened in 2003.

    • 12% commission on sales
    • 90 day cookie duration

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    There are a few reasons why we like hoverboard affiliate programs:

    Up and Coming

    High Volume

    Big Ticket

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