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Canva for blog posts


I started using Canva a few months ago.

Ok, so I was a little bit late to the table. But I made up or the lost time quickly.

I've used it for blog images, logos, social media pages, infographics and featured images. Essentially, any time I need an image I turn to Canva. This has worked out great, sourcing images used to be one of the most painful parts of blogging for me.

I'd go to flickr or compfight and sort by creative commons or commercial use allowed. I'd then sort through the out dated and overused pictures to find something that was just good enough. And then I'd spend another minute or so giving the authors of those photos credit at the end of my post.

No more.

Now I log on to Canva and create a beautiful design myself. It takes only a few minutes and the outcome is something incredibly professional that gives instant credibility to my blog.

I've literally revamped all of my blog posts, social media profiles and graphics. I even went on an infographic spree a few weeks ago. The result was this:


Canva most active user


That's right, I became one of most active users. The best part, I spent a total of $5 on the Canva platform. I'm a huge fan of any service that adds huge value to my affiliate websites at a low cost.

Canva does have some have some features that you can pay for, and I absolutely recommend paying for them if you think they'll add value for you. They probably will. In my experience I've been able to find a ton of awesome content in their free selection.

The fee content is mixed in with paid icons, images and elements for $1 a piece. I've never once regretted paying the $1 fee.

Anyways, it works like this...

You search by the type of element, layout, text or background that you want. You can also upload your own stuff. Let's say we're looking at elements:


canva elements


I can browse the layouts that have been prearranged and see if anything fits my design needs. I can also search a specific keyword to see what's in the database. Let's say I want a car for my graphic, I'll type in car and pull up a bunch of great options:


 keyword search in canva


As you can see, there are a ton of great graphics to choose from. I'll find one that works in the context of my overall design, add a few other elements and BOOM, I'm done!



There's also a premium subscription geared towards users with more extensive needs. I've been really satisfied with all of the free features, so I haven't bothered paying for a subscription. That said, the option's there and if my designing needs grow to a level that requires more features it may be something I explore in the future.




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