Does Your Business Have A Blog? 5 Reasons Why it Needs One

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think blogging? Is it a teenage millennial venting about their favorite TV show and whatever else ADD has compelled them to lay on the world that evening?

That was my opinion of blogging, at least until I started doing it.

And let me make one thing clear, I got into blogging with business in mind. For me, blogging is the core of my business. I've spent thousands of hours mashing buttons on my keyboard, and I've learned that there are numerous reasons why blogging should be incorporated into every business model.

The fact is that search engines are the easiest and most commonly used method to source information. Blogging is great because you can put information in front of your target market at almost no cost.

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Demonstrating Value to Your Customer Base

Whether your business is based around a product or service, customers are going to have questions. Blogging is the best opportunity to provide answers to these questions. Some of the most effective blog posts include:

  • How to's
  • Tutorials

Your relationship with customers is important, showing them that you are a reliable resource when they have questions will nourish that relationship. There's a lot of uncertainty in the buying process. Potential customers will often search questions that they have before buying. Establishing yourself as the authority by answering those questions can generate leads that are likely to convert to sales.

If you're looking for more ways to add value to your customers, check out this post from CopyPress.




generating leads by blogging

blogging for brand recognition

Building Authority in Your Niche

The more you can establish yourself as a trustworthy resource in your niche, the greater positive impact you will see for your brand. This works twofold:

  1. On a personal basis, you build a relationship with customers that will return in the future.
  2. In search engines, websites link to reliable content. This gives you more authority and rank which puts your content higher in search results.

Buying Up Internet Real Estate on the Cheap

A well written blog post can drive traffic to a website for months, if not years. That traffic can be monetized to generate significant income. This can be done a number of ways, two of my favorite are selling your own products and selling those of others with affiliate marketing.

Just look at the numbers put up by successful bloggers:

  • In 2015, Michael Dunlap was making $10,000 a month from a single post that cost him $100 in 2011.
  • Patt Flynn makes well over $100,000 monthly from his blog at

If you're interested on a more in depth overview of how to generate huge profits through blogging, check out Jon Morrow's post on how his blog makes $100,000 per month.

None of these huge profits come easy, but they give you an idea of how high the ceiling is for generating income through a blog.



blogging as a business

blog for customer service

Reducing Customer Service Expenses

Blogging can be used to reduce the cost of customer service by creating a self service support for customers.

Essentially, you create a knowledge base of articles that help answer the common questions a customer might have. Here's an article on how to create an amazing self service experience for customers.

For a good example of how this can be put into practice, check out the Canva Support page. I use them to design all of my graphics for content and I've managed to find answers to a majority of my questions through their self service support page.

Staying Relevant

Every time you publish a new post on your blog, it tells Google that your website is active. This is a small factor in SEO, albeit an important one. It also shows your audience that you're still relevant, which is crucial in maintaining authority.

In order to run a successful blog, you'll need to anticipate new trends and get there before your competitors. This can be a learning and jumping off point for other segments of business as well. If it's worth writing about, it may also be worth doing.

blogging to stay relevant

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